Scenic beauty, colorful orchids and glorious monuments make Gangtok a fairyland attraction. Gangtok is a popular place with tourist heading on treks. Along with its natural and cultural bounties the city is dotted with beautiful monasteries and other architectural wonders. Some of these monasteries delight us with their interesting stories and beautiful artistry. Just like its magical appeal, the city is admired for its regional specialties, cleanliness, organization, beautiful maintenance and tobacco free zone. From handicrafts to handlooms to jewelry and lots more, the city has its own unique touch, which captivates the attention of every visitor. M.G Marg situated at the heart of Gangtok is the first town in the country to be declared as litter and spit free town.

As the headquarter of East district, Gangtok has all the head offices of different departments including Raj Bhawan, Mintokgang(Residence of the Chief Minister), the State Secretariate, High Court of Sikkim, which is India’s smallest high court in terms of area and population of jurisdiction, the Police Headquarter are also located in Gangtok. Rongyek jail, the only jail in the state is also located in Gangtok

According to the 2011 census East Sikkim district has a population of 281,293 out of which 150260 are males and 131033 are females which constitute 45.3 % of the total population of the state of Sikkim. The District has a population density of 295 inhabitants per square kilometer (760 /sq mi). East District has a sex ratio of 872 females for every 1000 males, and a literacy rate of 84.67%. The District is a land of diverse culture and tradition; people in East District are constituted by Nepali, Bhutia and Lepcha communities. Nepali is the predominant language in the region.