The East Sikkim is one of the four administrative districts of the Indian state of Sikkim. Geographically, East Sikkim occupies the south-east corner of the state. It is the hub of all administrative activity in the state. It is surrounded by North District in the Northern side and South & West districts in the western side. East Sikkim having Gangtok as its district headquarter is located at topographical location of Latitude – 27º 25’ North to 27º11’ North and Longitude – 88º 53’ East to 88º26’ 10” East.


East district administers 954 square km of area (95400 Hect). The district is divided into four Sub-Divisions- Gangtok, Pakyong Rongli and Rangpo – which are headed by the respective Sub-Divisional Magistrates and 10 Gram Vikas Kendras headed by respective Gram Vikash Adhikaris. Gangtok, Rangpo and Singtam are major markets in the District. Gram Vikash Kendras comprise of various Gram Panchayat Units (GPUs) each having its own Panchayat Wards at the lowest level. There are fifty two (52) nos. of GPU and two hundreds and ninety (290) nos of villages under East District.