District Project Officer (DPO)

Name:- Mr. Sonam Wongyal Lepcha.
Email id:- sonamwongyal[at]hotmail[dot]com
Contact:- 9679889137, 9434211641

The following duties are carried out by the DPO:-

  1. Prepare, review and update the district level multi-hazard disaster management plan, evacuation plan, response plan and guidelines.
  2. Examine the vulnerability of different parts of the district to different forms of disaster and suggest measures for its prevention’s and mitigation.
  3. Conceptualize & coordinate the various activities for holding mock drills at the district level to fine tune the multihazard DM Plans and achieve role clarity among the stake holders involved and practice for communities, local self government and government functionaries.
  4. Cordinate response to any threatening disaster situation or disaster.
  5. Develop a work plan for the District level Disaster management activities and help in networking with potential partners in disaster management, to achieve various objectives recognized in the work plan.
  6. Collect and collate information from all the Gram Vikash Kendras for monitoring and evaluation of the implementation process of various DM activities.
  7. Network with Civil Defence / NGOs / CBOs/NCC/NSS and other agencies working in the field of Disaster Management for unification of strategy and process.
  8. Organize and co-ordinate the meeting of District Disaster Management Authority, line departments and various stake holders at the district level to review the progress and decide on the future action plan as and when required.
  9. Monitor and plan the financial allocation for each DM activities at the district.
  10. Look after the Natural Calamity Works/ Immediate Restoration Works being carried out/ to be carried out in the district.
  11. Look after the administration of the Quick Response Team (QRT) members.
  12. Any other work(s) assigned by the District Collector cum chairman (DDMA)/ ADM/ Sub Divisional Magistrates to achieve the objectives for disaster management.

Assistant Disaster Management Specialist cum Training Officer (TO)

Name:- Miss Bijayata Kharel
Email id:- bijayata.kharel[at]gmail[dot]com
Contact:- 9734152432

The following duties are carried out by the TO :-

  1. Develop and implement a training calendar for the district, for communities, government functionaries and other stakeholders in disaster management, and organize trainings in partnership with the state, training / research institutions.
  2. Organize Awareness campaign, Capacity Building programme of state and district level functionaries in vulnerability mapping and risk analysis, and in developing disaster management and response plans.
  3. Co-ordinate information & reports from Sub Divisional Magistrates, Gram Vikash Adhikaris, District Nodal Officers on various DM activities.
  4. Provide information to the State Authority relating to different aspects of disaster management in the district.
  5. Co-ordinate with Administrative Training Institute / ITI/ other training institutes / resource centers for development of training modules, training and programme manuals for different levels based on the risk assessment of the district.
  6. Facilitate establishment of effective communication systems for early tracking and dissemination of warnings at the district level.
  7. Create a database of all Disaster Management Teams (DMTs) and Disaster Management Committees (DMCs) constituted at various level with lists of members and contact details.
  8. Ensure that information related to Disaster Management are updated and are properly maintained.
  9. Assist the District Project Officer in performing all activities related to Disaster Management .
  10. Any other work(s) assigned by the District Collector cum chairman (DDMA)/ ADM/ Sub Divisional Magistrates to achieve the objectives for disaster management.

Quick Responce Team Members 

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